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Garmin Reports Strong First Quarter 2016 Sales

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Default Garmin Reports Strong First Quarter 2016 Sales

Δημοσίευση από Santosan Την / Το Πεμ 28 Απρ 2016 - 8:03

Ανακοίνωση οικονομικών αποτελεσμάτων για το πρώτο τρίμηνο του 2016 που τελείωσε στις 26/3.

Highlights in the quarter include:

  • Total revenue of $624 million, growing 7% over the prior year, with outdoor, fitness, aviation and marine collectively growing 17% over the year ago quarter and contributing 69% of total revenue
  • Gross and operating margins of 54.5% and 16.6%, respectively
  • GAAP EPS of $0.46 and Pro forma EPS(1) of $0.49 for first quarter 2016
  • Completed the acquisition of DeLorme, the pioneer of the inReach® series of affordable two-way satellite communication devices for the consumer adding both device and recurring service revenue to our outdoor segment
  • Started shipments of recently announced activity trackers including the vívoactive® HR with Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology and the vívofit® 3 with an industry leading one year battery life

(in thousands, 13-Weeks Ended
except per share data) Mar 26,   Mar 28, Yr over Yr
2016 2015 (2) Change
Net sales $624,040 $585,394 7%
Auto 195,599 219,226 -11%
Fitness 142,418 130,994 9%
Outdoor 96,827 72,815 33%
Aviation 106,316 98,062 8%
Marine 82,880 64,297 29%
Gross profit % 54.5% 58.8%
Operating profit % 16.6% 19.1%


The fitness segment posted revenue growth of 9% in the quarter reflecting strong growth of our Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology products within our activity tracker and running categories, offset by lower multisport revenues. On a year-over-year basis, gross margin and operating margin declined to 51% and 12%, respectively. The gross margin decline was driven by product mix within the quarter. The operating margin decline reflects the continued investment in advertising and research and development to support our long-term goals in the segment. Our recently launched vívoactive HR and vívofit 3 are shipping and we feel we are well positioned with our 2016 product roadmap.

The outdoor segment posted robust revenue growth of 33% driven by the strength of our fēnix® line of wearables as well as our dog products. Our recently introduced Approach® S20 and G10, and TruSwing™ have brought new energy to our golf product line in a challenging industry. Gross and operating margins were down from a year ago, but remained strong at 61% and 29%, respectively, and resulted in a 17% increase in operating income. Within the quarter, we completed the DeLorme acquisition and will see a full quarter of sales contribution beginning in the second quarter. With the strong start to 2016 we are poised to execute our plan of continued innovations within the outdoor markets.

The marine segment posted robust revenue growth of 29% on the strength of our chartplotter and fish finder product lines. Gross margins declined year-over-year to 53% while operating margin increased to 12% as we leveraged our operating investments resulting in strong operating income growth of 125%. Our recently launched GPSMap® 8400/8600 are the largest plotters we have produced at 17-, 22-, and 24-inch displays and have a resolution of 1920 x 1280, which is the highest screen resolution available on the market. We remain focused on innovation and product portfolio expansion throughout 2016.

The aviation segment posted revenue growth of 8% in the quarter with both OEM and aftermarket contributing to revenue improvement. Both the gross margin and operating margin were strong at 74% and 29%, respectively, and improved compared to the year ago quarter resulting in a 16% increase in operating income. During the quarter we were chosen to provide the avionics to two lifesaving organizations, with the AirEvac’s fleet of Bell helicopters and the U.S. Forest Service’s fleet of Sherpa aircraft. In addition, we introduced two new products for the experimental aviation market bringing quality audio and additional backup displays to the cockpit. We will continue to invest in new products and aircraft certifications for both OEM and aftermarket customers.

The auto segment posted a revenue decline of 11% primarily due to the ongoing PND market contraction and headwinds caused by additional revenue deferrals. Gross and operating margins were 44% and 9%, respectively. We began shipping the Garmin Drive line of PND devices with good initial customer response. Within OEM, we experienced strong growth of our infotainment business within the APAC and Middle East regions, and we delivered production release software for the new 2017 Mercedes E-class.

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